Intuitive English
"Practical. Functional. Grounded in Reality"



               DARREN FRIESEN

APDO 331-4060

Mall Internacional

Alajuela, Costa Rica

(506) 8718-0365/ 2441-7321

 Residency Document No.: 8 0114 0066





·        management experience

·        extensive customer service experience

·        extensive logistics experience

·        computer literate (Word, Excel, Access, Simply Accounting, type 55 wpm)

·        experience utilizing LAB (Language & Behavior)

                                              PERSONAL SKILLS

                         ·        hard-working, organized, reliable, able to multi-task

                                  ·        leader, enthusiastic, assignments on time

                     ·        self-motivated

    §  professional coaching, advanced communication

    §      extensive conflict resolution experience



2014 International TEFL and TESOL Training, Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

2014 LAB Profiling (Language & Behavior)

Executive Development Solutions

San Jose, Costa Rica


2013 NLP Coaching and Master Practitioner Certification

Executive Development Solutions

San Jose, Costa Rica


2008 Social Media Marketing Seminar Program

ID Technologies

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


2005 Customer Service Specialization Course

Anderson Industries

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


1997 Business Administration Diploma (Graduated with Honors)

Success CompuCollege

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada




2011-2016 Civilian Preservation Technologies

Alajuela, Costa Rica

·        running cutting-edge programs for personal preservation, self-defence and combatives

·        subcontracted through one of the major security companies in the country

·        the only academy in the country qualified to teach a number of both combative systems and modern techniques on how to prepare clients for violence


2013-2015 Executive Development Solutions (Assistant Director)

San Jose, Costa Rica

·        teaching English and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to clients

·        developing new progressive programs for staff, clientele and seminars

·        extensive experience in LAB (Language And Body) Profiling, body language, advanced communication, conflict resolution, negotiation, linguistics, modern interviewing techniques


2011 – 2015 CanAm MediTravel (Owner)

Alajuela, Costa Rica

·        facilitation of medical tourism patients from Canada and the U.S.

·        logistics (flights, transportation, lodging)

·        translation

·        patient advocacy and liaison

·        acting as a medium between client and medical professional/hospitals/clinics

·        sales and marketing


1998 - 2010 Country Trails Courier (Office Manager)

Morris, Manitoba and Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

·        accounts receivable and pricing

·        billing / month-end statements

·        dispatch and logistics – coordinating drivers & creating province-wide routes for efficiency

·        office manager – hiring and giving interviews

·        customer service and PR – complaints

     ·        setting up new accounts, working with Simply Accounting 


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