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Protocol / Payment

Student Attendance and Payment Policy

We have two classifications of students at Intuitive English:

1.       Students who have their tuition paid by their employers

2.       Students who pay for their classes privately and are not reimbursed by their employers

Students who have their tuition paid by their employers

Employer paid tuition (on behalf of students) are normally on a contract with us for a minimum of six months.

Those contracts indicate that the company is being charged a monthly tuition fee regardless of the attendance of the students. We deeply discount monthly tuition rates in order to minimize paperwork and attendance record following and all the headaches associated with who is right and who is wrong about attendance.

Therefore, students whose tuition is paid by their companies do not have a cancellation opportunity or make-up opportunity offered by us. The tuition is the same monthly tuition regardless of the students attendance or not.

Students who pay for their classes privately and are not reimbursed by their employers

If the instructor has to miss a class for any reason, it is his/her responsibility to offer a make-up class for the student without costing the student anything extra. This class will be offered within a week of the missed class and, if for some reason the student is not able to attend another offered class within that week, the class will be considered completed and final. If, however, the student cannot attend a scheduled class that class is not available for make-up and the student will be charged as if the class has taken place. Regarding showing up late for classes, the instructor will wait for 10 minutes after the designated time before cancelling the class and the class will also not be reimbursed nor will a make-up class be given. These last two scenarios waste the instructor's valuable time and also costs the instructor the ability to schedule other classes in this time slot to make up for the cancelled class.

Though classes are scheduled at a number of hours per week, there will be flexibility (based on the instructor's schedule) as to which day and times the class will take place but if classes are cancelled by the student for that entire week, the class will also not be reimbursed nor will a make-up class be given. There are times where we have a highly flexible schedule whereby students are engaged in a lot of corporate travel and cannot have a normal schedule of classes. The student will have the right to cancel a class only for emergency or company displacement due to official company business. The student must cancel their class at least 24 hours ahead of their absence from a class in order to not be charged for that class. It is the instructors decision to allow the student to make up a class that has been missed according to the instructor’s and student’s mutually agreeable schedules. 

If the cancellation is not placed in time, the students who are absent from non cancelled classes will be responsible for the full tuition payment.

Tuition Policy

We do not normally charge registration fees, material fees, matriculation or any other hidden fees like so many institutions do.

We require a one month deposit at the beginning of the class before the first class, and also can charge tuition at the beginning of each month.

If a student opts to pay a six month tuition at the beginning of their contract, we will consider further discounts to the student(s).

Whenever possible we will follow the principle of invoicing students the weekend before the end of a month so that the student will be offered the opportunity to pay the instructor directly. 

Clients can opt to pay us directly through 1. direct deposit (account information will be provided upon confirmation of your study and confirmation of deposit sent prior to class commencement) or 2. PayPal, though an extra charge will be applied via the PayPal method. For those outside of Costa Rica another option is Western Union but money would have to be sent and receipt confirmed 24 hours before the first class or first class of the month.

Please contact us for a quote as we offer discounts for both volume of hours and for groups.

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