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NLP is the study of excellence via communication, the brain and our innate programs; inevitably how we view the world, make our decisions and formulate our ideas. There has been lots of backlash from the scientific community (and rightly so on many occasions: non-proven "skills" such as fast phobia cures, predicates, eye movement, false or outdated analysis of body language, lying & micro-expressions…inevitably charlatans peddling magic). A large part of the problem is the quick-fix certification that so many bodies give. Often a 2-day seminar gives you a “master” title without the majority having any idea how to implement these tools in daily life, let alone teach them to others. (My credentials include 2 150-hour programs and ongoing tutelage for 3 years from 2 highly-credible leaders in their fields, trained directly from the original leaders in the field) But there are many proven concepts now integrated into elements of psychology and positive psychology. The greatest and most authentic teachers in this field (and ones that usually fly under the radar) make this content simple, easy-to-learn, pragmatic, functional, grounded in reality; a foundation of inner patterns, programs, what makes us tick, and show that we do all these things every day-naturally and innately. The vast majority out there use complicated terms, fancy techniques and complex application to give themselves a sense of mystique, intellect and fool the layman (Y-O-U) into making NLP seem far more complex than it is. MY GOAL IS TO GET THIS METHODOLOGY TO THE AVERAGE PERSON AND MAKE NLP ACCESSIBLE TO EVERYONE. I teach in an easily-learnable, easy-to-comprehend methodology with easy application that anyone can understand. If you want to learn pragmatic functional NLP, look no further and call today.

I was going to create a website throwing all the schmaltz that so many countless other "NLP" sites throw. The promises of greater wealth, quick fixes, change-your-life-in-30-days. Usually from the same people on Youtube that post the fast phobia cures, eye accessing cues, representational systems (VAK). Law of Attraction, Timeline Therapy, tricky linguistics, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. I started thinking, what separates me from this as, inevitably, I desperately want to be a country mile from this. This, in my estimation, is what has de-legitimized NLP and made it into a quackery among the psychology folk. I don't see it as having much at all to do with psychology but more with simple communication, advanced learning, linguistics. Pragmatic skillsets that don't cross the line into the scientifically-unprovable. THUS the term NO BULLSHIT NLP.

I truly believe there are some fantastic strategies, concepts and methodologies in the NLP field. We all use them, the thing is we just don't know we use them until a title or name is put to the skill. Herein lies the simplicity of this field-we all already use it, NLP just gives you the strategies on HOW you use it. Far too much these days the "old boys club" has gone off the bloody deep-end with regards to what it can do, how to use it and throw piss to the wind of sanity. It's not a miracle cure, not a get-rich-quick scheme, not the anal-retentive shite that's being advertised everywhere one can attend a 2-day seminar and become a "master." (I didn't know that one could become a master at anything in 48 hours...isn't there always some ritual blood, sweat, tears, time put in, experience, etc.? One would surely think....ah, what the hell do I know)

I have done this training on my combatives students for years and noticed their learning curves skyrocket. Hardwiring concepts and techniques faster and more explosively. Move with purpose and intent. How? Because they've lived through their experiences in the club already...over-and-over, replicating reality. Now, counter-intuitively, I want to reverse-engineer this process to the business and personal worlds. 

I have cut-away a lot of the fluff, pomp and circumstance that has discredited the field and re-installed it with practical, pragmatic and functional concepts that I've seen work. The brain doesn't know the difference between reality and imagination and this is a very real scenario that can be tweaked and altered. No instant millionaires. No wild claims. No instant fulfillment in life. Just hard work and making gradual changes. Even small changes move from a ripple to a wave over time. I cut away the crap and give you a functional, achievable, easy-to-apply-in-daily-life set of skillsets:

Skills you will learn:
1. Role Reversal
2. Emotional Intelligence
3. Visualization
4. Cutting-edge breathing program
5. Replication of Reality
6. Sense Meditation to heighten awareness and hone senses
7. 3-Dimensional/Experiential Training
8. Scenario Training
9. The OODA Loop
10. Language-and-Behavior Profiling
11. State Management / Altered States
12. Sensory Learning (Functional: show, explain, perform)
13. Practical Body Language dos and don't (including proxemics / spatial awareness, kinesics, the limbic system)
14. Skill Acquisition
15. "Time Distortion"
16. Advanced Communication
17. Active Listening
18. Pattern Interrupts

Programs we offer:
1. Conflict resolution
2. Professional coaching
3. Negotiation 
4. Advanced Communication 
5. English Language Learning (Language Acquisition for those Spanish speakers wanting to learn communication, not grammar and sentence structure)
6. LAB Profiling 
7. Investigation

*As one of our platforms for learning is Skype, we open the door to those from other countries as well to learn our methodology of English. Surrounding nations in Central & South America, Europe, Asia, wherever you're from our virtual doors are open!

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