Intuitive English
"Practical. Functional. Grounded in Reality"

English Instruction

We provide English instruction for individuals, groups and companies with a unique learning methodology. Modern, colloquial and fluid, we incorporate programs that help you while you learn - advanced communication, neuro-linguistic learning, conflict resolution, negotiation and cater our programs to the average person just wanting to learn or the business professional. Far too often I talk to people in Costa Rica that are frustrated with their English instruction and it's usually for the same reason: too much grammar, boring, endless repetition, outdated and the end result is they've spent a ton of money and still don't feel comfortable holding a conversation. Language learning should be exciting, fun, tailor-made, fluid, modern, dynamic and interesting! It doesn't have to be this way, come try us out, I guarantee you'll feel different about English-learning. We're current, modern, progressive and cutting-edge.

*As one of our platforms for learning is Skype, we open the door to those from other countries as well to learn our methodology of English. Surrounding nations in Central & South America, Europe, Asia, wherever you're from our virtual doors are open!


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