Intuitive English
"Practical. Functional. Grounded in Reality"

Mission / Benefits

To provide quality, top-caliber, reputable learning programs for those in need.

1. Learn at a faster pace than the institutional methods utilized by the majority of language institutes in the country.

2. Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home or office. We live in a fast-paced and frenetic world and, with the option of online Skype classes, you can learn when you want and be home the minute class ends. No travelling, no tired learning but in the safety and comforts of your own home.

3. Learn in a dynamic, interactive environment catered to your interests and necessities

4. Truly flexible schedule: mornings, afternoons or evenings - whatever we can do to work around your hectic schedule.

5. No boring classes. We stay away from the formulaic, non-changing, outdated curriculums used predominantly in the country. Minimal grammar, verb conjugation, sentence structure and homework outside of it being a byproduct of the learning, 

6. No matricula or testing fees. No hidden costs. 

7. Learning from a native English speaker, not someone trained in speaking like a native English speaker. Therefore colloquial English (idioms, metaphors, pronunciation, rhythm, fluidity, meter and slang) are all a natural part of the learning, something that most non-native speakers are lacking.

8. Modern topics; current, applicable, up-to-date and of interest. 

9. We help with documentation, resumes, conference calls and any other requirement necessary for en employee in a global industry and a global economy.

10. We add, at no extra cost to you, skillsets while learning that are directly applicable to the modern job market: conflict resolution, women's empowerment, negotiation, persuasion, advanced communication, neuro-linguistics, emotional intelligence, talent development, professional coaching...utilizing material from current modern globally-recognized experts.

11. Though discounts are offered for volume, you choose your own hours and how many per week you're able to attend. 

12. We are results-driven, there's no plan to drag your studies on indefinitely for the sake of lining the institute's pockets with money. Our goal is to get you communicating in as quick a time as is possible. 

13. You can register at any time with no entry-level test needed. You can start 365/24/7 without any red tape.

*As one of our platforms for learning is Skype, we open the door to those from other countries as well to learn our methodology of English. Surrounding nations in Central & South America, Europe, Asia, wherever you're from our virtual doors are open!

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