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ENGLISH LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION: I am a native English speaker of 44 years and am TESL/TESOL-certified. I bring a unique, dynamic and progressive methodology to supercharge students' learning. We provide English instruction for individuals, groups and companies with a unique learning methodology. Modern, colloquial and fluid, we incorporate programs that help you while you learn - advanced communication, neuro-linguistic learning, conflict resolution, negotiation and cater our programs to the average person just wanting to learn or the business professional. Far too often I talk to people in Costa Rica that are frustrated with their English instruction and it's usually the same reason: too much grammar, boring, endless repetition, outdated and the end result is they've spent a ton of money and still don't feel comfortable holding a conversation. Language learning should be exciting, tailor-made, fluid, modern, dynamic and interesting! It doesn't have to be this way, come try us out, I guarantee you'll feel different about English-learning. We're current, modern and cutting-edge.

NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING: I have completed 2 150-hour programs in Neuro-Linguistic Programming under the guidance of two world-class Master practitioners and continued this with another 3 years of intensive study under their tutelage. I have extensive experience in body language, workplace violence, conflict resolution, negotiation, proxemics, bullying, advanced communication through 20+ years of combative martial arts instruction and 25+ years in the business world. The vast majority of my experience comes simply from that - experience. Pragmatic, real-world, practical, functional experience in this world is far more important than solely retention of book knowledge and regurgitation.

COMBATIVE ARTS: I am a "Professor"  (ranking of high-esteem in Filipino Martial Arts circles) and an experienced martial artist that has been training for almost 20 years and teaching for 15. I have teaching level qualifications in 2 styles of Filipino Martial Arts (Burokil Alambra Arnis de Mano under Hari Dante Alambra & Terra Firma FMA Concepts) as well as subsystems Dumog/Combat Judo, Panantukan (Filipino boxing), Panandyakan, Buno & Tungkong Bato; Esgrima Criolla, Shootwrestling/submissions, Qi Gong and cane combatives. I have been recently inducted into the Alambra Filipino Martial Arts Hall of Fame and am a 5th degree black belt. I have modern weapons instruction. I am a coach and perpetual student, whose programs are constantly evolving to fit with modern concepts and changing tactics. I am the only martial arts instructor in Costa Rica with teaching and training credentials in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and advanced communication in body language, micro-expressions and behavior


"Darren Friesen is one of those few individuals who is truly self-motivated and has a natural ability to achieve excellence.  Darren studied NLP with EDS over a period of several months and went on to study LAB Profiling (Language and Behavior Profiling.). He excelled in his studies and has gone on studying, honing his abilities and broadening his understanding and capabilities.

As a founding partner of EDS, I am more than pleased to add my support and recommendation for Darren Friesen."

Simon Shaw


*As one of our platforms for learning is Skype, we open the door to those from other countries as well to learn our methodology of English. Surrounding nations in Central & South America, Europe, Asia, wherever you're from our virtual doors are open!

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