Intuitive English
"Practical. Functional. Grounded in Reality"


"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place." -George Bernard Shaw

Welcome! If you've found this page, you are one of many Costa Ricans (or from other countries) looking for a viable alternative to learning the English language. We are in the business of communication, first and foremost. There is a growing discontent in Costa Rica and many locations in the rest of the world regarding the current methodology of teaching the English language and we fill this niche. 

Too many times a big language institute maintains the same outdated methodology and curriculum as they've become accustomed to routine and income, forgetting that each individual learns in their own unique way. This goes to the customer service level in the country in general as the client should help dictate their own unique and customized program based on need, learning method that best relates to them and keeps them excited about continued learning. There is no cookie-cutter approach that works for every person as we are all unique and specialized in our approach to learning. Language is no different. 

Many come to us for very different reasons as to why they want or need to learn English. Personal, business-related, based on specific skill, to pass courses needed to upgrade, travel, report-writing or simply to expand their horizons in an ever-changing global world. For some reason unbeknownst to us, learning a language has become boring, repetitive, outdated and staid. Textbooks that are 20 years old. Lesson plans that're unchanging. And Ticos walk away frustrated as they haven't acquired (sometimes after years) the one skill that should be the end goal of learning in the first place: COMMUNICATION. Via conference call, telephone, report-writing, speaking, holding a conversation, listening, reading. We use a progressive methodology and are concept-driven, not technique-driven, limiting the usage of grammar and other intricate and often complicated tools in exchange for getting the person immersed in the usage of the language a.s.a.p. 

Unique in the country, we add elements to the programs that subtlely cultivate other skillsets pertinent to your career or personal life while you learn: 
1. Professional coaching (giving you tools to help others and get to know yourself in a much clearer manner, both for life and business)
2. Conflict resolution (an imperative skill in the modern workplace with the fast pace of the modern business and the varied personalities you interact with every day)
3. Body Language (how to carry yourself appropriately and maximize the impact you have on others as well as reading others more efficiently, the body tells much more than the words a person chooses)
4. Neuro-Linguistics (the study of communication and how best to utilize it in order to get what you want and relate with others)
5. Advanced Communication (as Shaw succinctly put it "the single biggest problem with communication is the illusion it's taken place")
6. Negotiation & Persuasion (nothing mystical, manipulative or under-handed, simply learning more about how to connect with others with a win-win solution)
7. Women's Empowerment (an ever-growing number of women in Costa Rica are gaining momentum in the business and career worlds, an imperative thing for a growing economy)
8. Emotional Intelligence (now acknowledged as an even greater skill in the modern business world - and world in general - than IQ)
9. Autogenic Breathing (to calm nerves, control breathing, clear the mind of doubt, lower blood pressure & heartrate and put you in that most conducive state of effectiveness)
10. Talent Development (how to find and develop your best skillsets)

*As one of our platforms for learning is Skype, we open the door to those from other countries as well to learn our methodology of English. Surrounding nations in Central & South America, Europe, Asia, wherever you're from our virtual doors are open!


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